This years JOTI Event saw Beavers, Cubs and Scouts coming from Buckley St Matthews, Kinnerton, Trefynnon, Northop Hall and Flint to join Hawarden Scouts. Both Friday and Saturday nights were pretty sleepless for the Scouts who stayed awake to communicate with Scouts all around the globe!

This year JOTI TV provided a one to one video link with some of those Scouts, enabling us to speak directly to Scouts from Pakistan, Austria, Brasil and New Zealand to name just a few.

We listened to JOTI Radio and collected JID codes to complete the annual JAMPUZ challenge set by the World Scout Organisation as well.

This event seems to get bigger and bigger every year!

Beavers from St Matthews join in at JOTI


The PLs and APLs provided some guidance for the young Beavers from Buckley St Matthews as part of their Leadership Challenge Badge.

Contacts were made in lots of Countries such as Surinam, Namibia, Sweden, Iceland, Hawaii, Indonesia, Pakistan to name just a few.

Book a slot for next year. The dates are 19 to 21st October 2018

My favorite opening line on the internet relay chat (irc)was… ‘Do you like puddings!’ from a Scout in Indonesia. The reply had to be ‘Rhubarb and Custard!’ just to confuse him!