In May of this year, the Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts from many Groups around Clwyd Area came together in a field in the Vale of Clwyd. Upwards of 700 in number, all the young people and adults were ready to have a go at many different activities put on by the Scout Groups themselves. For our contribution, we set to and built a dual aerial runway from a scaffold tower and some ‘A’ frames, plus a lot of ground anchors to keep it in place. It was a good weekend weather wise and each Group had the chance to go around all of the various Activity Areas. During the weekend, Bear Grylls, our Chief Scout flew into camp to visit. As the helicopter could only land in an adjacent field, our minibus was deployed to pick him up along with all the Media people who had come to film the visit for television.

The lucky Scouts had their neckers signed and the rest of us listened to his address on the main field, before he disappeared into the sky once more, en route to another Scout Camp! (p.s. we were visit number six that day!!)

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